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Ed Sheeran Icons

More Ed Sheeran icons here @lovecolors

Today Show 7/12/13

Ed looks super sexy in black, it brings out his lovely ginger hair.

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The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show 7/11/13

As I promised another post of new pics, hope you enjoy. Still got one more post of new pics so stay tuned. :)

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Sirius XM Studios 7/11/13


Time for some new pics of our cute little ginger bear. :) Random question, does anyone know if Ed's ticklish?. I'd love to tease him till he couldn't take it no more*heh*.

Once these get approved I got more pics to share so stay turned.
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Ed also opened up about his favorite Ginger in the world right now: Prince Harry!

“He does it good because there isn’t a single woman on the planet that doesn’t want to marry a prince, and he just happens to be ginger. I personally don’t think ginger men have a habit of being attractive. We have to make ourselves seem attractive by doing stuff. I learned guitar, and he became a prince,” he added.

Oh Ed, you don't have to do anything for me. I find you sexy just the way you are!*heh*, I'd be glad to tell him that in person but it might make make him feel a bit awkward hearing it from a guy*lmao*. I'm sure he's aware he's got gay fans and is cool with it but I bet he's use to just hearing the ladies say it, I envy you girls!. It makes me happy he likes Harry too, he's another sexy ginger favorite of mine. The sexiest of the two princes in my opinion.

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I find Ed really sexy in this pic!, I think its the way his sexy ginger hair is curling at the back. I imagine my fingers gently running though it*heh*, I'm totally ignoring Taylor by the way*lmao*. Is that a scar above Ed's eye lid?, the boy sure is accident prone*lol*.

Only two pics this time, he looks very hunky in a black sweater. I can imagine the drops of rain trickling down his ginger strands*heh*.

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Oh Ed, your such a sweet sexy little cutie!*heh*. I love the closeup shots of his hands, ummm I have a thing for hands*lol*.

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Ed has done a curiously broad scope of covers, each more more magnificent than the last. This might be one of my favourites.

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