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Real Recognize Real

The First LJ Sheerio Community. With Bass.

With Bass.
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The first LJ fan community devoted to British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

I was looking for a Livejournal Community about Ed Sheeran and was shocked to find none, so I made one. It's still under construction, but feel free to go ahead and contribute anything related to Ed and his music, from icons, graphics, and photos to your Ed concert experiences and even fanfiction (please make sure to use appropriate labels and cut tags). Submissions are moderated for now until we establish formal rules. I'll try to keep this community up-to-date in terms of news, dates, appearances, and anything else I think might be fun.

If you're just joining and would like to make an introduction post, go ahead! But remember to include something about Ed in it, like how you found his music or what it means to you, or what it was like meeting him, etc.